Field Assistant

Field Assistant is a standalone tool you can install on your computer or laptop to access a single or multiple OEMCtrl controllers. You do not need to be connected to the Internet. You can communicate with the devices using local access or over an IP network.

Field Assistant

Field Assistant


In Field Assistant, you can use local access to connect to a single controller or multiple controllers. You can also use IP to access an entire network of routers and controllers.


After you have connected to a controller [you must have a permission key issued by the manufacturer], you can:
• Upload parameters, source files (control programs, drivers, graphics, and BACview files) from the controller to Field Assistant
• Commission and start-up equipment
• Adjust setpoints and other control parameters
• View current trends stored in the controller
• Set and change schedules in the controller
• Run preconfigured reports which display locked values, points list, network I/O, alarm sources, equipment and controller status, and test and balance configuration
• Use EIKON LogicBuilder and ViewBuilder to edit or create new control programs and views
• Download programs, schedules, parameters, and BBMD tables to controllers
• Export updated source files


By design, Field Assistant will not work over third party BACnet Routers. The reason an OEMCtrl router is required is to enforce the security permissions framework to protect the algorithmic intellectual property of the lighting panel manufacturer.


Sample technical document on how to configure a LxOEM controller with FieldAssistant

See FieldAssistant in Action



• The device must have OEMCtrl 4.x or later drivers.

• To use Field Assistant, you must understand these terms:

Source Files Includes any or all of the following files:
  • Control programs (.equipment)
  • Graphics (.view)
  • BACview® files (.bacview)
  • Drivers (.driver)
Parameters Editable properties within a control program or driver
Import Brings files into Field Assistant. Import source files ( from the Field Assistant Launcher. NOTE Your manufacturer or representative must supply the source files.
Export Takes source files from your Field Assistant system to use in another system. Export source files ( from the Field Assistant Launcher.
Download Field Assistant sends source files, schedules, or parameters from Field Assistant to the controller.
Upload Field Assistant receives source files or parameters from the controller and stores them in Field Assistant.