A free on-line tool that makes it easy to create specifications for HVAC Control Systems.


What makes CtrlSpecBuilder unlike any other specifications application? 



Specifications are open and non-proprietary

• Standardization of control strategies, simplifying design, commissioning, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

• Better specification of Points, Alarms, Trends, etc.

• Generates Bid Spec based on ASHRAE DDC Guide Spec

• Generate "Boilerplate" and Sequence of Operation
• Includes points lists, with trends & alarms
• Options for BACnet, Web based, etc.
• Energy saving features such as Run on Demand, Trim & Respond, etc...


Specifications include:

• sequences

• schematics

• point lists

• trends

• alarms

• and other key requirements


Specifications are created in English or metric units


Options for

• BACnet

• web-based UI

• XML/SOAP interface

• cell phone/PDA UI

• electrical demand reduction


Based on ASHRAE Guideline 13-2000, with options for CSI MasterFormat 95 or 2004


Automatic design review identifies possible conflicts


Features are based on user feedback


It's free


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