HVAC Applications

We make HVAC integration simple with our full line of flexible I/O controllers, along with a range of accessories and software. It’s everything operators need to ensure optimal efficiency and occupant comfort.

I/O Zone — Small Application Controllers

Whether its heat pumps, fan coils or small rooftop units, the I/O Zone family of controllers provides a lot of power in a compact, economical package. Now, even on small applications you can have simplified integration into a BAS with customized control sequences and built in multi-protocol support. Our I/O Zone controllers are fully capable of operating in a 100% stand-alone control mode and support communication to OEMCtrl’s line of intelligent space sensors and user interfaces.

I/O Flex — Medium Application Controllers

Looking for ways to add value to your products without adding significant cost? There is no single component that can add as many features to your unit as the controller. If you’re working with small AHUs or cooling towers, the I/O Flex provides ample input/output capacity on the base controller, plus support for expansion modules if additional I/O capacity is needed. It can easily connect to a BAS using any of today’s leading protocols, and the point mapping to the protocols can be pre-set, so that the protocol and baud rates desired can be easily field-selected without the need for any additional downloads or technician assistance.

I/O Pro — Large Application Controllers

OEMCtrl's most powerful controller has the flexibility to handle the most demanding control applications in the industry. Capable of controlling equipment with large I/O requirements or multiple pieces of equipment simultaneously, this robust, multi-protocol controller can support complex control strategies with plenty of memory for schedules, alarms and trends. With up to 140 I/O points using expanders, the I/O Pro is perfect for large applications like air cooled chillers, large AHUs, screw chillers and unit coolers.

EQT2 Touchscreen Interface — Make Your Equipment Stand Out

Our new line of extremely customizable, Android-based EQ2 touchscreens act as a user interface, and diagnostic tool – all in one. They provide access to setpoints, alarms, trends, and BACnet schedules, and can be customized to give operators access to virtually any data point in the controller. Animations look crystal-clear on the 4.3-, 7-, or 10.1-inch touchscreen and feature enhanced graphics capabilities. With panel and VESA mounting options, support for 13 languages, and a rugged, IP65 rated display, the EQT2 is the perfect way to highlight your equipment’s value and give operators the visibility and control they demand.

Sample Applications

We deliver cost-effective solutions for a full range of HVAC applications and are ready to help you build intelligence into your equipment. Ask our team for help on finding the right solutions for any of the following equipment types:
  • 100% Outside Air Units
    • Make-up Air Unit
    • Evaporative Cooler
    • Energy Recovery Ventilators
  • Air Handling Systems
    • Custom AHUs
    • Multi-zone AHUs
  • Air Terminal Devices
    • Ventilation/Exhaust Fans
    • VAV/VVT Terminal Units
  • Unitary Systems
    • RTUs
    • Heat Pumps
      • Water Source
      • Geothermal
    • Split Systems
    • Indoor Self-Contained Systems
    • Computer Room Units
    • Fumehood Control
    • Unitary Heat
      • Unit Heaters
      • Cabinet Heater
    • Unit Ventilators
    • Fan Coil Units
  • Chilled Water Systems
    • Water Cooled
    • Air Cooled
      • Scroll Compressors
      • Screw Compressors
    • Absorption Liquid Chillers
    • Cooling Towers
    • Chilled Water Loop Pumps
    • Central Plant Control
  • Hot Water Systems
    • Single Boiler
    • Modular Boiler
    • Hot Water Loop Pumps


No matter your needs, we have the experience to get you there.

We’re here to provide you with tools that help you meet the needs of your customers regardless of application or environment. And our experience developing control solutions for equipment manufacturers is what sets us apart. Count on us to offer you the resources and guidance needed to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.