Factory Automation

We offer software solutions that are customized for factory applications and designed to enhance the efficiency of manufacturing systems.

Factory Download Tool

Simplify the creation and loading of control applications on the manufacturing floor. With our Factory Download Tool, factory personnel can scan a bar code and the software will build the control application automatically.


End-to-end unit testing is essential to quality control, cost control and profitability. With TestBuilder, we make it easy to test manufactured products prior to shipment.

Integrate order

Integrate order

FDT integrates with your ordering system to capture the unit configuration that is chosen during the ordering process. No more handoffs between sales and engineering.

Integrate order


Using a flexible scripting language, FDT takes the unit configuration details from the order and converts to files and parameters needed for the controller.

Integrate order


Complete the process with FDT’s simple and customizable user interface to initiate a download to the controller.

Integrate order

Test & Verify

After the unit is built, ensure it is configured and working properly with the TestBuilder tool. TestBuilder allows simple tests to be run to make sure what gets shipped out meets the highest standards of performance.


Greater efficiency and greater control for a range of environments.

We’re here to provide you with tools that help you meet the needs of your customers regardless of application or environment. And our experience developing control solutions for equipment manufacturers is what sets us apart. Count on us to offer you the resources and guidance needed to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.