Engineers & Service Technicians

Our software uses graphics and universally understood symbols to make the creation of control logic easy—minimizing engineering time and giving technicians of all skill levels the ability to take advantage of the latest HVAC technology.


Use EquipmentBuilder to build an entire control sequence, BAS points list and control program in a few minutes — without any extensive knowledge of programming. With pre-engineered control programs that can be used as-is, or easily modified to meet specific requirements, by answering a few simple questions about your application, EquipmentBuilder makes sophisticated control programming simple and time-efficient.

EIKON® Software

Make programming control solutions easy with the most advanced graphical programming tool in the industry. EIKON is easy to understand by engineers and service techs of all levels.

ViewBuilder graphics package

Customize user interfaces by creating graphics, drawings and custom menus so that customers can have enhanced control and visibility of your equipment.



The expertise to help ensure quality regardless of application.

We’re here to provide you with tools that help you meet the needs of your customers regardless of application or environment. And our experience developing control solutions for equipment manufacturers is what sets us apart. Count on us to offer you the resources and guidance needed to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.