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 Virtual BACview

Product Description

Do your prefer your technicians to carry a laptop instead of a piece of hardware? If so, access controllers and operational properties or manage a small facility with the Virtual BACview. This software emulates the BACview hardware. Locally access a control module to easily view and modify pertinent data. With a USB local access cable, connect, display and modify manufacturer-defined properties.

HMI - Human Machine & Technician Interfaces

Put end-users in control with robust, customizable interfaces for applications of any size. Our products feature brightly-lit displays, user-friendly controls and flexible designs that allow different mounting styles. You can even use our Viewbuilder software to build custom screens to add even more value to your equipment.

Key Features
Compatible with I/O Zone, I/O Flex, UPC, XPC, OEMPrtl Pro and I/O Pro
Build your custom screens with ViewBuilder
Flexible design allows panel or wall mounting; can be located up to 500 feet from the control panel.
Can share Rnet (OEMCtrl sensor network) with up to 5 Room Sensors.
Backlit LCD display enhances reading even in poor lighting conditions.
Password protection provides security.
Allows customization of building properties for each project using standard HTML.