System Touch

Product Description

The System Touch user interface is a BACnet® MS/TP device that provides access to a network of BACnet controllers. Featured as a wall mounted design, the System Touch display provides building occupants, facility managers and technicians a powerful user interface for managing equipment in their facility. The features were specifically designed to be simple to operate for end users, but powerful enough to provide technicians a complete interface for maintaining equipment.

HMI - Human Machine & Technician Interfaces

Put end-users in control with robust, customizable interfaces for applications of any size. Our products feature brightly-lit displays, user-friendly controls and flexible designs that allow different mounting styles. You can even use our Viewbuilder software to build custom screens to add even more value to your equipment.

Key Features
4.3" Color Touchscreen
Auto-discovery of BACnet controllers on MS/TP network
Supports custom "system-level" screens
Allows user to browse to equipment and display custom equipment screens
Individual equipment and Group Scheduling
BACnet Alarm Manager
Supports 13 Languages
Historical Trending
Multi-level Password Protection
On-board Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Screens built with ViewBuilder with a library of interactive controls
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