Find what you need in our full line of application controllers, protocol translators, user interfaces, and more. All of our controllers have field selectable protocols and are programmable with EIKON® – Automated Logic’s industry-leading graphical programming tool. They’re made for integration into building automation systems and are designed to be flexible, powerful and user-friendly.

Factory Download Tool — Automation Made Easy

Reduce errors and personnel training requirements with a software solution designed for the unique needs of the factory floor. Our Factory Download Tool is the perfect way to speed up the controls integration process. Either scan a barcode or use keyboard entry and the Factory Download Tool will interpret and build a control application based upon the code that was scanned. It’s fast, intuitive and flexible – everything needed to effectively automate the downloading and configuration of your controllers.

EQT2 Touchscreen Interface — Make Your Equipment Stand Out

Our new line of extremely customizable, Android-based EQ2 touchscreens act as a user interface, and diagnostic tool – all in one. They provide access to setpoints, alarms, trends, and BACnet schedules, and can be customized to give operators access to virtually any data point in the controller. Animations look crystal-clear on the 4.3-, 7-, or 10.1-inch touchscreen and feature enhanced graphics capabilities. With panel and VESA mounting options, support for 13 languages, and a rugged, IP65 rated display, the EQT2 is the perfect way to highlight your equipment’s value and give operators the visibility and control they demand.