ZS Immersion Sensors

Product Description

The OEMCtrl® line of ZS sensors communicates on Rnet, the dedicated sensor network. This reduces the number of inputs needed on the controller and provides the added benefit of simplifying I/O wiring by allowing for daisy-chaining of sensors on the Rnet. The immersion sensors are designed to monitor water temperature in retrofit or filled pipe applications. The sensor is potted inside a 1/4 inch stainless steel probe with a thermally conductive compound. All Immersion units have etched Teflon™ leadwires and double encapsulated sensors to create a watertight package that can withstand a wide range of humidity and condensation..

Baud Rate: 115 kbps Rnet connection between sensor(s) and controller
15 sensors max per controller
5 sensors max per control program
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Cut Sheet

Part Available
ZS Immersion Temperature Sensor, 2 inch probe
ZZS Immersion Temperature Sensor, 4 inch probe
Insertion thermowell - Two-piece welded 304 stainless
Insertion thermowell - One-piece machined 304 stainless
Insertion thermowell - One-piece machined brass