ZS Clamp-on Sensors

Product Description

The OEMCtrl® line of ZS sensors communicates on Rnet, the dedicated sensor network. This reduces the number of inputs needed on the controller and provides the added benefit of simplifying I/O wiring by allowing for daisy-chaining of sensors on the Rnet. The clamp-on sensors are designed to monitor water temperature in retrofit or filled pipe applications. Using a bendable copper sensing plate which forms to the curvature of the pipe, it measures the water temperature by sensing the surface temperature of the pipe. The strap fits around the outside of a pipe, which may help reduce installation cost.

Baud Rate: 115 kbps Rnet connection between sensor(s) and controller
15 sensors max per controller
5 sensors max per control program
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Part Available
ZS Clamp-on Temperature Sensor, 2 inch to 5 inch pipe diameter