Unitary Protocol Converter

Product Description

The UPC (Unitary Protocol Converter) sets a new standard for single equipment protocol conversion. It can convert between two open protocols for instance from Modbus to BACnet, or from a proprietary protocol to an open protocol, to allow for integration with virtually any Building Automation System. One of the unique things about the UPC is the ability to select the open protocol you want to use with the simple flip of a DIP switch. Choose from BACnet, Modbus, N2, or LonWorks. The UPC also offers the ability to plug in an optional backlit LCD display/keypad to allow you to view any of the points in your system. All of this is offered at a price that won't break the bank.

Protocol Solutions

Need to convert between two open protocols such as Modbus to BACnet, or from a proprietary protocol to an open protocol, so that your product is integration-ready for virtually any Building Automation System? OEMCtrl has three distinct products to server this need.

Key Features
Built-in protocol support: BACnet (ARC156 and MS/TP)
Modbus (RTU and ASCII)
LonWorks optional plug-in communications boards
Other Features
Three communication ports
Translate up to 300 multi-protocol objects from a single piece of equipment
DIP switch configuration and selection of the built-in protocols
Can accept a manufacturer's (OEM's) proprietary protocol
Custom-programmable using our powerful Eikon® graphic programming tool, enabling you to create graphic logic sequences for your application
Built-in support for OEMCtrl's custom configurable keypad/display unit.
Supports direct, modem access for remote diagnostics and configuration
User Interfaces
LonWorks Option Card