Product Description

OEMCtrl's OptiCORE™ SS-683TX is a high-performance, BACnet native direct digital controller (DDC). It provides speed, power, memory, and I/O flexibility in a compact package. The SS-683TX is targeted for controlling HVAC equipment with small I/O point counts. Made with integration in mind, the SS-683TX can integrate with building automation systems via BACnet (IP or MSTP) or Modbus (IP or serial). The dual IP ports provide the ability to take advantage of a daisy-chain topology. A dedicated third party port provides added integration capabilities.

Small Application Controller

Whether it's heat pumps, small rooftop units, dedicated outdoor air units and more, the SS family of controllers provides a lot of power in a small footprint. Now, even on small applications, you can have customized control sequences and simplified integration into a BAS with BACnet/Modbus support — all while staying competitive from a cost standpoint.

Key Features
I/O point count: 6 digital outputs (dry contact)
8 universal inputs
1 universal output
2 analog outputs
Built-in protocol support: BACnet (IP and MS/TP)
Mobus (IP and RTU)
Built-in End of Network switch for easy configuration on a BAS network
Flexible, color-coded and easy to wire I/O
Program and historical data stored in non-volitile memory, eliminating the need for batteries
Dual 10/100 BaseT Ethernet ports for BACnet/IP or Modbus IP communications. Includes built-in fail safe and supports direct connection or daisy chain topology natively using BACnet/IP
Supports up to 200 third party integration points
On-board battery-backed real-time clock
Custom-programmable using our powerful Eikon® graphic programming tool, enabling you to create graphic logic sequences for your application
Flexible site-specific archiving supported allowing for restore points to be created with a variety of ways to trigger the restore point and recover to that archive
Unique permissions framework provides protection for intellectual property (IP) while allowing for seamless connection of controllers to the WebCTRL® (Automated Logic) or i-Vu® (Carrier) building automation systems
Existing control programs are easily converted and supported in the new SS controllers
Built-in support for OEMCtrl's custom configurable user interfaces
Built-in support for OEMCtrl's sensor network
Built-in support for future communication expansion modules, such as LonWorks, wireless, etc.
User Interfaces
Heat Pumps
Small Rooftop Units
Dedicated Outdoor Air Units