LonWorks Option Card

Product Description

Connect simply to any network requiring LonWorks® communication with the LonWorks Option Card. With built-in compatibility to OEMCtrl's line of I/O controllers and protocol converters, the LonWorks Option Card allows for up to 62 network variables over Echelon's Free Typology transceiver technology. It utilizes Echelon's ShortStack Micro Server platform to allow for consistent seamless integration into LonWorks® networks.

The LonWorks Option Card is equipped with LEDs for power, service, and communications (TX and RX) for convenient troubleshooting. Screw down terminals and built-in standoffs make mounting and connecting to the building network quick and simple.

With all these features in a cost effective package adding on LonWorks® connectivity has never been simpler.

Key Features
Compatible with I/O Zone, I/O Flex, I/O Pro Controllers, UPC and XPC Translators.
Up to 62 network variables
Plug-and-play compatibility with OEMCtrl controllers
Fully compatible with the TP/FT-10 channel and devices using Echelon's FTT-10A Free Typology
Unique 48-bit Neuron ID in each LonWorks Option Card for network installation and management
Supports polarity insensitive free topology star, daisy-chain bus, loop, or mixed topology wiring
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