I/O Pro Ex816u

Product Description

Designed to expand the input/output capability of the I/O Pro 816u, the I/O Pro Ex816u provides an additional 8 universal outputs and 16 inputs

Large Application Controller Expander

OEMCtrl's most powerful controller has the flexibility to handle the most demanding control applications in the industry. Capable of controlling multiple pieces of equipment simultaneously, this robust multi-protocol native controller can support complex control strategies with plenty of memory for schedules, alarms and trends.

Key Features
High resolution Universal Inputs and Outputs for accuracy
When used with the I/O Pro, allows for easy expansion of I/O using up to 5 (five) Ex I/O expansion modules in a stack panel configuration or remote mounted up to 100 ft. away for scalable solutions
Tough construction delivers superior performance and reliability. Modules are constructed with a rugged aluminum cover which provides optimum electrical protection and noise immunity
Removable screw terminals for I/O connections: Allows for easy field replacement of hardware without any rewiring
Versatile Mounting Options: First Ex I/O expander can be mounted directly on top of the I/O Pro controller, reducing control panel space
May be mounted separately within the mounting enclosure
LED Indicators (displays module status):
  • Power
  • Running
  • Error Status
  • Xnet
  • Tx
  • Rx