I/O Pro 812u

Product Description

The I/O Pro 812u is a general-use controller that can be easily customized to meet any sequence of operation needs. Fully capable of operating in a 100% stand-alone control mode, the I/O Pro 812u can connect to a Building Automation System (BAS) using any of today,s four leading protocols: BACnet (IP, Ethernet, ARC156, MS/TP, and PTP), Modbus (RTU & ASCII), N2, and LonWorks. The point mapping to all of these protocols can be pre-set, so that the protocol and baud rates desired can be easily field-selected without the need for any additional downloads or technician assistance. The I/O Pro 812u provides ample input/output capacity on the base controller, plus support for multiple expansion boards if additional I/O capacity is needed.

Large Application Controller

OEMCtrl's most powerful controller has the flexibility to handle the most demanding control applications in the industry. Capable of controlling multiple pieces of equipment simultaneously, this robust multi-protocol native controller can support complex control strategies with plenty of memory for schedules, alarms and trends.

Key Features
I/O point count: up to 140 I/O points using the Ex816u expander
Also compatible with Ex8160 and Ex48u expander boards
Built-in dip switch-configurable protocol support for automation systems: BACnet (Ethernet, IP, ARCNET, MS/TP, and PTP modes)
Modbus (RTU and ASCII modes supported)
LonWorks optional plug-in communications boards
Stand-Alone or BAS integrated operational modes
On-board battery-backed real-time clock
Custom-programmable using our powerful Eikon graphic programming tool
Custom-programmable using our powerful Eikon® graphic programming tool, enabling you to create graphic logic sequences for your application
Built-in support for OEMCtrl's custom configurable keypad/display unit.
Built-in support for OEMCtrl's sensor Network
User Interfaces
LonWorks Option Card
Single Air Cooled Chiller
Multiple Air Cooled Chiller
Large AHU
Screw Chiller
Unit Cooler