I/O Flex Ex8160

Product Description

Designed to expand the input/output capability of the I/O Flex 6126 and I/O Pro 812u, the I/O Flex Ex8160 provides an additional 8 digital outputs and 16 inputs.

Medium Application Controller Expander

Looking for ways to add value to your products without adding significant cost? There is no single component that can add as many features to your unit as the controller. Customized control sequences and simple integration to any BAS (Building Automation System) adds value and separates your products from those of your competitor.

Key Features
Removable screw terminals for I/O connections: Allows for easy field replacement of hardware without any rewiring
Versatile mounting options: May be mounted directly onto the I/O Flex 6126 enclosure
May be mounted separately within the mounting enclosure
LED Indicators (displays module status):
  • Power
  • Output
  • Running
  • Error Status