OptiCORE GW-1000

Product Description

The OEMCtrl® OptiCORE™ GW-1000 is a high-performance, BACnet native protocol gateway. It provides protocol conversion from a variety of protocols to open building automation standards like BACnet and Modbus. It can integrate with building automation systems via BACnet (IP or MSTP) or Modbus (IP or serial).The GW-1000 goes beyond integration by providing support for EIKON control logic empowering the gateway to be more than just a translator. As an example, provide true BACnet alarms based on conditions defined in the EIKON logic. Do unit conversion, add control logic to account for other conditions and much more.

Powered by 32-bit ARM Cortex-A8, 600MHz, processor with multi-level cache memory with 16 GBs eMMC Flash memory and 256 MB DDR3 DRAM.
Flexible, color-coded and easy to wire terminal blocks.
Communication Features

Supports up to 1,000 third-party integration points.

3 Configurable Communication Ports:

  • Gig-E: 10/100/1000 Base T Ethernet Port for BACnet or Modbus communication, includes DHCP addressing.
  • Port S1: Rotary configurable EIA-485 Port for BACnet MS/TP, ARC156 or Modbus (primarily for BAS connection).
  • Port S2: Firmware configurable EIA-485 Port for BACnet MS/TP or Modbus (primarily for communicating device connection).

3 Dedicated Communication Ports:

  • Service Port: 10/100 Base T Ethernet port for technician access or for high-speed touchscreen connection.
  • Rnet: Sensor Network or for touchscreen connection.
  • Comm Expansion Edge Connector Port: for comm expansion.
BACnet Features
BTL certified and conforms to the BACnet Building Controller (B-BC) StandardDevice (Tested to Protocol Revision 12)
Supports routing between BACnet/IP, BACnet/Ethernet, BACnet ARCnet, and BACnet MS/TP networks
Can serve as a BACnet Broadcast Management Device (BBMD) and supports BACnet Foreign Device Registration (FDR)
Modbus Features
Can act as a master or slave on a Modbus serial network.
Fully programmable using our powerful EIKON® graphical programming tool. Control sequences can also be fully simulated off-line within EIKON or on-line via “Live Logic” for real-time troubleshooting of the control logic while the equipment is running.
On-board battery-backed real-time clock is standard, thus enabling full stand-alone scheduling capabilities, as well as historical trend data storage, and alarm event time-stamping.
User Interfaces
Vendor Name: OEMCtrl
Technician Interface