LS-XP Expanders

Product Description

The OEMCtrl® OptiCORE™ LS-XP expanders are capable of controlling HVAC equipment with high I/O point counts (up to 224) through expandable I/O boards. The OptiCORE I/O expanders deliver input and output capacity to the powerful OptiCORE LS line of controllers. Up to nine OptiCORE I/O expanders can be added to an OptiCORE LS controller. OptiCORE I/O expanders are designed for flexible panel configurations. They are DIN rail or screw-tab mountable and can be mixed and matched to meet the I/O requirements of the equipment being controlled. The expanders can be mounted directly to the LS controller or remotely mounted up to 500’ away.

I/O Features
Inputs: LS-XP48u: 8 inputs
LS-XP812u: 12 inputs
LS-XP012u: 12 inputs
Outputs: LS-XP48u: 4 outputs
LS-XP812u: 8 outputs
Removable screw terminals for I/O connections
Hand-Auto-Off switches on all output channels
Color-coated I/O and easy to read labeling minimizes wiring errors
Support for up to 9 I/O expanders (224 total points with the OptiCORE LS-1628u)
Hardware Features
LEDs for each output for easy identification of output status whether configured as an AO or DO.
LEDs for status indicators for Power, Run, Error, Xnet TX and Xnet Rx.
Backplane mounting via srew tab or DIN rail mounting.
Communication Features
IO Bus port: Provides up to 2000 ft (610 m) communication for wired remote LS-XP expanders that are powered by external power supplies.
IO Bus edge connector: 6-pin connector that provides communication and power to a directly.
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