Product Description

The OEMCtrl® OptiCORE® LS-CPU is a high-performance, BACnet native direct digital controller (DDC). It provides the speed, power, memory, and I/O flexibility needed for the most demanding control applications in the industry. Capable of controlling HVAC equipment with high I/O point counts (up to 180) through expandable I/O boards. Made with integration in mind, the LS-CPU can integrate with building automation systems via BACnet (IP or MSTP) or Modbus (IP or serial). It also allows for connecting to communicating devices like VFDs via BACnet or Modbus.

I/O Features
Support for up to 9 I/O expanders (180 total points)
Flexible, color-coded and easy to wire terminal blocks
Communication Features

3 Configurable Communication Ports

  • Gig-E: 10/100/1000 Base T Ethernet Port for BACnet or Modbus communication, includes DHCP addressing
  • Port S1: Rotary configurable EIA-485 Port for BACnet MS/TP, ARC156 or Modbus (primarily for BAS connection)
  • Port S2: Firmware configurable EIA-485 Port for BACnet MS/TP or Modbus (primarily for communicating device connection)

6 Dedicated Communication Ports

  • Service Port: 10/100 Base T Ethernet port for technician access or for high-speed touchscreen connection
  • Rnet: Sensor Network or for touchscreen connection
  • I/O Bus Port: for I/O point expansion via screw terminal for remote mounting
  • I/O Bus Edge Connector: for I/O point expansion (includes power)
  • Act Net: Network of communicating valves and actuator
  • Comm Expansion Edge Connector Port: for comm expansion
Fully programmable using our powerful EIKON® graphical programming tool. Control sequences can also be fully simulated off-line within EIKON or on-line via "Live Logic" for real-time troubleshooting of the control logic while the equipment is running.
Built-in support for the OEMCtrl ZS intelligent communicating sensors and touchscreen display units including the Equipment Touch 4.3 inch touchscreen, and the OptiCORE EQT2s, the rugged, Android, panel-mount interfaces which come in 4.3 inch, 7 inch, & 10 inch sizes.
Custom AHU
Large RTU
Keypad Display Devices
Technician Interface