Product Description

The OptiCORE™ EQT2 displays are ruggedized, panel-mount interfaces that provide technicians easy access to the equipment status, parameter values, schedules, alarms, and trends. Designed for panel or wall mounting, they can load existing Equipment Touch files or new Custom Touch files built in ViewBuilder. The displays offer a contemporary design and include an IP65 rating on the front of the display, a wide temperature range and vibration resistance. The user interface features are simple to operate for end users, but powerful enough to provide technicians a complete interface for maintaining equipment.

Key Features
Fanless cooling system and Ultra-low power consumption
Access to virtually any data point in the controller
Support for graphics and animations
Schedule Interface – view and edit BACnet schedules
Alarm Viewing – view the controller’s alarm history buffer
Trending with support for pinch zoom and swiping to move along timeline
Multi-level Password Protection
PDF viewer
Screen capture to USB flash drive
Supports loading of .touch file stored on EQT2 displays or uploaded from controller
Customize with ViewBuilder
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Create custom alarm text
  • Simple and intuitive
  • Assign passwords to screens
  • Library of interactive controls
  • Use conditional hide to allow one view file to work on similar equipment with varying features
  • View file stored in controller
  • U1 file supports multiple languages
Panel or VESA mount
Wall mounting with kit
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