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Small Application Controller

Whether it is heat pumps, fan coils, or small rooftop units, the I/O Zone family of controllers provides a lot of power in a small footprint. Now, even on small applications, you can have customized control sequences and with built in multi-protocol support; simplified integration into the BAS (Building Automation System), while staying competitive from a cost standpoint.


Products in this category


I/O Zone 560

I/O Zone 583

I/O Zone 8112



Medium Application Controllers

Looking for ways to add value to your products without adding significant cost? There is no single component that can add as many features to your unit as the controller. Customized control sequences and simple integration to any BAS (Building Automation System) adds value and separates your products from those of your competitor.


Products in this category


I/O Flex 6126

  • Ex8160 - I/O expander fro the I/O Flex6126




Large Application Controllers

OEMCtrl's most powerful controller has the flexibility to handle the most demanding control applications in the industry. Capable of controlling multiple pieces of equipment simultaneously, this robust multi-protocol native controller can support complex control strategies with plenty of memory for schedules, alarms and trends.


Products in this category


I/O Pro 812u


I/O Expanders

  • Ex8160 - I/O Flex6126 and I/O Pro812u
  • Ex816u - I/O Pro812u only
  • Ex48u - I/O Pro812u only



Protocol Solutions

Need to convert between two open protocols such as Modbus to BACnet, or from a proprietary protocol to an open protocol, so that your product is integration-ready for virtually any Building Automation System? OEMCtrl has three distinct products to server this need.


Products in this category


  • UPC - Unitary Protocol Converter
  • XPC - Protocol Converter
  • OEMPrtl Pro - Protocol Converter









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Flexible / Communicating / Combination Sensing

  • ZS Standard - Simple, precise sensor
  • ZS Plus - Precise sensor with override and temperature adjustment
  • ZS Pro - Precise sensor with override, temperature adjustment and display
  • ZS Pro F - Precise sensor with override, temperature adjustment, display and additional options




HMI - Human Machine & Technician Interfaces

Products in this category


Use the OEMCtrl ViewBuilder tool to create a custom, menu driven configuration and maintenance interface for these products.

  • System Touch - NEW! 4.3" Color Touch Screen for multi-equipment / system-level access
  • Equipment Touch - 4.3" Color Touch Screen for access to a single equipment controller
  • BACview6 - Large Technician's Display and Configuraiton Device
  • BACview6 Handheld - Hand Held Technician's Display and Configuraiton Device

BACview5 - Small Display Device and HMI

Virtual BACview - Small Display Device and HMI



Advanced HMI - Human Machine Interfaces

Products in this category


  • WebCTRL for OEMs - A powerful, flexible, highly customizable graphic user interface software designed to control and highlight the value of your equipment. Create interactive, custom graphics, display trends, alarms and schedules. Produce custom technician and user interaces designed with ViewBuilder and enabled with WebCTRL for OEMs.
  • This product comes is availabe in two versions:


    • WC-OEM1 - Designed for a unitary connection (connects to a single OEMCtrl controller.)
    • WC-OEM10 - Designed to connect to up to 10 OEMCtrl controllers.


  • • Custom Modbus Touchscreen Solution - OEMCtrl controllers that have multiple communication ports such as the I/O Pro812u can support off the shelf Modbus touch screens. Build your own solution or engage OEMCtrl Technical Services to help engineer a solution that is perfect for your business.


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Lonworks Option Card

Products in this category


  • • Lon-OC - LonWorks Option Card