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Wall Bracket

Fixture designed to be mounted on a vertical surface.



A unit of electrical power. The watt (symbol: W) is the a derived unit of power, equal to one joule of energy per second. It measures a rate of energy conversion.   watt



The amount of electricity consumed.



WebCTRL is a Browser-based building automation system manufactured by Automated Logic Corporation. Through WebCTRL, users can fully access their buildings' schedules, setpoints, trends, alarms, and other control functions from virtually any computer, anywhere in the world. Users can also control their buildings with WebCTRL from wireless devices such as a cell phone. WebCTRL supports multiple languages simultaneously and includes a powerful spreadsheet-based reporting tool. A native BACnet system, WebCTRL interfaces with Modbus and many other protocols to provide an integrated solution to building control needs.


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WebCTRL for OEMs


A browser-based building automation system manufactured by Automated Logic Corporation, distributed by the OEMCtrl division, only to manufacturers. WebCTRL for OEMs is Advanced User Interface and Tool Suite for OEM Equipment.


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Wire Nut

Also called a solderless connector. Small plastic device that can be fastened over the bare, joined ends of several wires to protect and insulate the connection.