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ICC - International Code Council, Inc

International Code Council, Inc. develops and publishes international codes and standards for construction such as:

International Building Code

ICC Electrical Code

International Fire Code

International Fuel Gas Code

International Mechanical Code

International Plumbing Code

International Residential Code

International Code Council, Inc.


5203 Leesburg Pike, Suite 600
Falls Church, VA 22041-3401


IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission

The International Electrotechnical Commission(IEC) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental international standards organization that prepares and publishes International Standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies – collectively known as "electrotechnology". IEC standards cover a vast range of technologies from power generation, transmission and distribution to home appliances and office equipment, semiconductors, fibre optics, batteries, solar energy, nanotechnology and marine energy as well as many others. The IEC also manages three global conformity assessment systems that certify whether equipment, system or components conform to its International Standards.


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Illuminating Engineering Society of North America is a non-profit organization founded in New York City in 1906. The Society's stated mission is to improve the lighted environment by bringing together those with lighting knowledge and by translating that knowledge into actions that benefit the public.

Illuminating Engineering Society of North America

120 Wall Street, 17th Floor
New York, NY 10005-4001



Light produced by heating material so it glows. Incandescent filament lamps, candle flames and glowing coals are all examples.

  Incandescent Lamp


Incandescent Lamp

Produces light with a wire filament, which create light as it is heated by electric current.



A parameter, or a value derived from a set of parameters, that points to, provides information about and/or describes the state of a phenomonena. It has a significance beyond that directly associated with the parameter value. (Flanders 2000)


"Indicators are one of many tools for simplifying, quantifying, and communicating vast amounts of information in ways that are more easily understood. They are useful for alerting us to what areas that need more attention, as well as areas that see improvement." (reference: US Interagency Working Group on Sustainable Development Indicators, Council on Environmental quality, 1998.


Input, Maintained

Inputs that require the input be maintained to activate the output.


Input, Momentary Off

Inputs that require a momentary closure to deactivate an output. It requires a separate input be assigned as a Momentary On input to activate the output.


Input, Momentary On

Inputs that require a momentary closure to activate an output. It requires a separate input be assigned as a Momentary Off input to deactivate the output.


Input, Momentary On/Off

Inputs that require a momentary closure to toggle the state of the output. This input type requires only one input to perform both on and off control of an output. This input type requires the input device be in a location where the lights are within visual contact.


Input, State Change

Inputs that are designed for use with maintained 3-way switches in retrofit applications. A change of state will toggle the state of the associated output.



The physical connections from a control system to all specified equipment through an interface as required to allow the specified control and monitoring functions of the equipment to be performed via the control system.



The physical device required to provide integration capabilities from an equipment vendor's product to the control system. The equipment vendor most normally furnishes the interface device. An example of an interface is the chilled water temperature reset interface card provided by the chiller manufacturer in order to allow the control system to integrate the chilled water temperature reset function into the control system.


IP, Internet Protocol

Acronym for Internet Protocol. The most commonly-used set of rules for dispatching data across a large computer network.  Method or protocol by which data is sent from one computer to another on the Internet or similarly structured network. Each device on an IP network has at least one IP address that uniquely identifies it from all other computers or devices on the Internet or IP newtork.


IP handles the breaking up of data messages into packets the routing of the packets from their origin to the destination network and node, and the reassembling of the packets into the data message at the destination.



A condition that ensures that multiple devices (from the same or different manufacturers) can be integrated into a single network without requiring a gateway.


ISO - International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Acronym for International Organization for Standardization, which is an international-standard-setting body headquartered   in Geneva, Switzerland which is composed of representatives from various national standards organizations. Founded in 1947, the organization publishes and disseminates worldwide proprietary industrial and commercial standards.   ISO

ISO defines itself as a non-governmental organization; however, its ability to set standards that often become law, either through treaty or national standards, makes it a very powerful non-governmental organization.


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ISO/OSI reference model

Acronym for International Organization for Standardization/Open Systems Interconnection reference model.


The model is the foundation of most network standards. It breaks down network communications into seven manageable, conceptual levels, each concerned with a specific aspect of network communications.


The seven ISO/OSI layers are:






Data Link



Instance, BACnet

In BACnet, a number that uniquely identifies an object within a device or a device on a BACnet internetwork.