Cooling Tower

AHUKey Control requirements

  • • Easily servicable
  • Competitively priced
  • Flexible I/O for varying configurations
  • Simple integration into building automation systems
  • Easily programmable to allow for unique control sequences
  • Able to operate in either an integrated or stand-alone mode


Controller Sweet Spot

  • I/O Flex 6126


  • The Flex 6126 controllers are feature-rich but priced competitively. The Flex offers I/O point expandability to ensure you only pay for the points that are needed for the application.


  • Easily programmable using Eikon®LogicBuilder, the industry's leading graphical programming tool
    Flexible I/O - With universal inputs that support common sensor types, plus a communicating space sensor, varying applications are supported
    DIP switch configurable protocols allow for field selection of the top three protocols, providing complete compatibility with any BAS
    Optional BACview keypad display provides operators and technicians an intuitive view into the system


Example EIKON Logic

AHU Logic Sample