About Our Team

  • Brian Forrester

    General Manager
    Joined Team in 1998

  • Laurin Evans

    Account Manager
    Joined Team in 1999

  • Jose Macon

    Account Manager
    Joined Team in 2010

  • Paul Klein

    Sales Support Engineer
    Joined Team in 1989

  • Susan Harding

    Administrative Assistant
    Joined Team in 2008

  • Nigel Mulvey

    Account Manager
    Joined Team in 2011



    Product Marketing Manager
    Joined Team in 2013



  • Chris Young

    Account Manager
    Joined Team in 2014


OEMCtrl Is a division of

Automated Logic

that was formed to focus independently and exclusively on the unique needs of OEM customers. ALC has provided innovative controls solutions to the OEM market since 1977.


What We Do

OEMCtrl manufacturs and provides Direct Digital Control (DDC) hardware, software, and engineering support services for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).


We specialize in providing programmable controllers that can communicate over a wide variety of communication protocols (such as BACnet, Modbus, N2, LonWorks, HTTP, etc.).


We can also provide custom software and hardware solutions (communication gateways) to OEMs that may already have controls for their equipment but are unable to communicate with Building Automation Systems (BAS).


The products that we develop & produce can be utilized in a wide variety of industries and applications such as HVAC equipment (boilers, chillers, RTU's, AHU's, heatpumps, terminal units, humidification & dehumidification systems, heat recovery systems, VFD's, etc.), Pumping Systems, Power Systems Monitoring, Telecommunications, Lighting Systems, Fire System Monitoring, Clean Rooms, Water Treatment, Paint Booths, Airline Ground Support Systems, Laboratory Controls, and more.



We are located in Kennesaw, Georgia about 20 miles NW of downtown Atlanta and about a 40 minute drive from Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.


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