Small Application Controller

Whether it's heat pumps, fan coils, or small rooftop units, the I/O Zone family of controllers provides a lot of power in a small footprint. Now, even on small applications, you can have customized control sequences and with built in multi-protocol support; simplified integration into the BAS (Building Automation System), while staying competitive from a cost standpoint.




I/O Zone 560

OEMCtrl's I/O Zone 560 controller delivers powerful control and communications features all in a compact, economical package. Highly flexible, yet easy-to-use programming tools allow customization for a wide variety of small equipment applications. Fully capable of operating in a 100% stand-alone control mode, the I/O Zone 560 can connect to a Building Automation System (BAS) using any of today's most popular protocols, such as BACnet, Modbus, N2, and LonWorks. The I/O Zone 560 also supports communication to OEMCtrl's line of intelligent space sensors and keypad/display units.



This is a BTL Listed Product



I/O Zone 560


Vendor Name: OEMCtrl
Product Name: I/O Zone 560
Product Model Number: I/O Zone 560
Applications Software Version: Firmware Revision: 4.02
BACnet Protocol Revision: 9

BACnet Advanced Application Controller (B-AAC)



Key Features

• I/O point count:

5 digital outputs (relayed)

6 universal inputs
• Built-in, DIP switch selectable protocol support:

BACnet (ARC156 and MS/TP)

Modbus RTU


LonWorks optional plug-in communications boards

BTL Listing
• Stand-Alone or BAS integrated operational modes
• On-board battery-backed real-time clock
• Custom-programmable using our powerful Eikon graphic programming tool

• Custom-programmable using our powerful Eikon®LogicBuilder graphic programming tool, enabling you to create graphic logic sequences for your application
• Built-in support for OEMCtrl's custom configurable keypad/display unit - BACview6 or BACview5

• Built-in support for OEMCtrl's sensor Network


Sample Applications

Boilers and Burners

Heat Pumps

Pumping Systems

Roof Top Units



Keypad Display Devices

Technician Interface

LonWorks Option Card

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